To view a presentation about the Leadership Team model of church governance that we are currently considering, click here.
2018 Officers:
Church Chair:  Merlin Felt
Vice Chairman: Mark Muller
Secretary:  Tracey Anderson
Diaconate Board:
Dan Brown, Sheila Brown, Janelle Eaton (secretary), Paul Eaton, Delores Felt,  Bob VanderVeen, Deb Billiar
Trustee Board:
Shannon Johnson, Cody McAfee, Joel McAfee, Joey Borg, Jason Jensen, Christy Roberts
Christian Education Board:
Kim Barge, Annette Chase (secretary), Mark Johnson, Barb Preston, Jenna McAfee, Jason Simpson
Cradle Roll:
Donna Lundin and Jane Dolph
Memorial Committee:
Barb Stout, and Delores Felt
Head Usher:
Jean Hansen
Sound Committee:
Mark Borg, Terry Borg, Ben Donner, Cody McAfee
PRC at large:
Jim Stout
Camp Committee:
Madison McAfee, Anita Muller and Sue VanderVeen
Building Improvement Team:
Debbie Borg, Heidi Borg, Becky Gothier, Noah Lamprecht, Dave Rusk, Sue VanderVeen